• Haley Discusses Religious Registry, Misses Mark on Iran Deal January 20, 2017
    Alexander Harvey
    170118-nikki-haley-hearing-ok-1120_b968bd1225ac1c77baaefa567ff5bd00.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000Wednesday, January 18, President-elect Trump’s nominee for Ambassador to the United Nations, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, faced tough questioning from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during her confirmation hearing. During the hearing, the Governor indicated she did not support a religion-based or “Muslim” registry, while leaving the door open ...
  • Can Europe Save the Iran Deal? January 19, 2017
    Reza MarashiReza Marashi
    Wright-Iran-Deal1-1200It’s no secret that many of President-elect Donald Trump’s advisers favor killing the Iran nuclear deal. But to hear Europe tell it, they will not blindly follow suit. EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini recently said Europe might line up with Russia against any efforts by the Trump administration to ...
  • NIAC Condemns Threats Targeting Jewish Community Centers January 18, 2017
    NIAC StaffNIAC Staff
    NIAC LogoWe are deeply disturbed by reports of threats to Jewish Centers across the country and condemn this and all acts of hate and violence. Today’s reports are sadly not isolated incidents. Unfortunately, these episodes appear to be on the rise. We were equally disturbed by reports on the rise of ...
  • CIA Pick Pompeo Backtracks on Politicized Opposition to Iran Deal January 13, 2017
    Pouya Parsian
    90-2-1Representative Mike Pompeo (R-KS), who has been at the center of highly politicized efforts to oppose the Iran deal while serving in the House, attempted to sing a much different tune when testifying before the Senate this week on his nomination to head the Central Intelligence Agency.
  • Trump Pivots From Muslim Registry but Targeting of All Iranian Visitors Remains on the Table January 13, 2017
    NIAC StaffNIAC Staff
    Watch-the-2nd-day-of-Jeff-Sessions-confirmation-hearing-liveDonald Trump’s picks to head Homeland Security and the Justice Department attempted to put a more tolerant face on the President-elect’s campaign proposals calling for banning or tracking Muslims – or individuals from so-called “terror-prone countries – who come to the U.S.
  • Trump Nominees Oppose Tearing Up Iran Deal But Signal Harder Line January 13, 2017
    NIAC StaffNIAC Staff
    SenateConfirmationHearingHeldRexTillersonMOoE7z5YY_0lDonald Trump’s choices to head key national security agencies broke from the President-elect’s more provocative campaign rhetoric on Iran in confirmation hearings this week. General James Mattis and Rex Tillerson, nominated to head the Pentagon and State Department respectively, cautioned against tearing up the deal outright and expressed skepticism about ...
  • NIAC Concerned That U.S. Banks are Denying Financial Services to Iranians in the U.S. January 9, 2017
    NIAC StaffNIAC Staff
    chase-bank-2017Over the past few years, Iranian visa-holders resident in the United States have seen their bank accounts at U.S. financial institutions shuttered as a result of U.S. sanctions. The most recent case is that of Chase Bank, where NIAC has learned that Chase is closing the bank accounts of Iranian ...
  • New Congress Already Pushing Iran Deal Killers January 4, 2017
    Ryan CostelloRyan Costello
    congress imgOne of the first actions that House lawmaker Alcee Hastings (D-FL) decided to take in the Trump-era is to authorize the new President to bomb Iran. Hastings, who along with his colleagues in the 115th Congress was just sworn in earlier this week, was one of a small minority of ...
  • Iranian Americans and the Color of Success January 3, 2017
    Trita ParsiTrita Parsi
    49juza6nSpeech matters. It is no surprise that after one of the most vicious presidential campaigns in history, where bigoted speech against Middle Easterners and Muslims was increasingly normalized, hate crimes against Americans perceived to be Muslims surged 67 percent. Iranian Americans are not specifically mentioned or identified in these statistics, ...
  • If You Thought 2016 Was Bad in the Middle East – Brace Yourself for 2017 December 28, 2016
    Trita ParsiTrita Parsi
    0q3a1550-copyIt is difficult to be optimistic about the Middle East in 2017. With the bloodshed in Aleppo, Mosul, Yemen and elsewhere in the region, the anger, hatred and sectarian divides have only grown deeper. Indeed, while some point to Tehran celebrating its victory in Aleppo, success on the battlefield is coupled with ...
  • U.S. Treasury Eases Humanitarian Trade with Iran December 22, 2016
    NIAC StaffNIAC Staff
    niac logoWashington, DC – The National Iranian American Council released the following statement following OFAC’s amendments to the Iranian Transactions and Sanctions Regulations (ITSR): “We are encouraged by OFAC’s proactive steps to ensure U.S. companies are actually able to utilize humanitarian exceptions to the trade embargo with Iran. OFAC’s amendments to the ...
  • Will our children hide that they’re Iranian American? December 20, 2016
    Reza AslanReza Aslan
    Nederland, Amsterdam
Iraans-Amerikaanse godsdienstwetenschapper Reza Aslan. Aslan bezoekt Nederland ivm de vertaling van zijn boek over Jezus, Reza Arslan: De zeloot.
Foto: Martine SprangersWhen I grew up in the 1980s, hostilities against Iranians were so intense, I told my neighbors that I was Mexican. I spent some years of my life in America as an undocumented immigrant, not feeling safe expressing my own identity. I never thought I would have to relive those days. ...
  • NIAC Welcomes OFAC’s Efforts to Clarify Iran Sanctions-Lifting December 15, 2016
    NIAC StaffNIAC Staff
    ofac-treasury-623x420Washington, D.C. – The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) released the following statement following OFAC’s amendments to the Iran-related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): “We applaud OFAC for taking a significant step towards fully realizing the U.S.’s JCPOA commitments and providing guidance intended to reduce the risk for non-U.S. banks and companies ...
  • NIAC Statement on Iran’s Reaction to U.S. Sanctions Renewal December 13, 2016
    NIAC StaffNIAC Staff
    NIAC LogoWashington, DC – The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) released a statement regarding reports that Iran has ordered its Atomic Energy Organization to begin studies on nuclear-propelled ships in reaction to the U.S.’s extension of the Iran Sanctions Act:
  • Report: Iran Sanctions Cost US Economy up to $272 Billion December 13, 2016
    Trita ParsiTrita Parsi
    losing-more-billions FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Trita Parsi Phone: 202-386-6325 Email: New report details massive lost U.S. job opportunities due to Iran sanctions Washington, DC – U.S. sanctions on Iran have carried a significant cost to the U.S. economy, a new report published by the National Iranian American Council today finds. Losing ...