• Khamenei Distances Himself from the JCPOA May 24, 2019
    Sina ToossiSina Toossi
    In this week’s Iran Unfiltered, Sina Toossi discusses Ayatollah Khamenei’s attempts to scapegoat blame for the JCPOA, the arrests of several prominent journalists, President Rouhani’s remarks that he needs more authority, and more.
  • Congress Begins Efforts to Restrict Trump’s War Push May 23, 2019
    Congress took its first formal steps on Wednesday to eliminate a post-9/11 war authorization that some fear the Trump Administration will utilize as justification for attacking Iran. Separately, a measure to bar any funding for war with Iran was watered down after unified opposition from Republicans and an intervention by ...
  • NIAC Statement on Trump’s Tweet Threat to “End” Iran May 19, 2019
    NIAC StaffNIAC Staff
    President Trump’s saber-rattling about Iran has reached a dangerous new low with his threat to “end” Iran—a country of 83 million men, women, and children
  • Iranian Officials Discount Possibility of War May 17, 2019
    Sina ToossiSina Toossi
    In this week’s Iran Unfiltered, Sina Toossi discusses demonstrations at Tehran University against compulsory hijab, Iranian officials ruling out war with the U.S., Iran starting to halt full compliance with the nuclear deal, and more.
  • Student Stage Anti-mandatory Hijab Protest at Tehran University May 16, 2019
    Sina ToossiSina Toossi
    On May 13th, students at Tehran University staged a demonstration against “hijab and chastity plans.” In a statement, the students said they were protesting “the presence and deployment of ‘women’s protection forces’ that have joined previous university guards.” They said these new security forces amounted to a “clear offense to ...
  • NIAC Statement on Bolton’s Latest Military Plans for Iran May 13, 2019
    Today, reports broke that John Bolton ordered updates to a military plan that detailed sending up to 120,000 troops to the Middle East should Iran attack U.S. forces or escalate its nuclear activities:In response, President of the National Iranian American Council, Jamal Abdi, issued the following statement.
  • The Best Way to Avert War with Iran? Fire John Bolton May 13, 2019
    Sina ToossiSina Toossi
    The backdrop to Iran’s decision is incredibly dangerous brinkmanship from senior Trump officials, particularly National Security Advisor John Bolton. Even as Iran has kept open the option of climbing down the escalation ladder, war could become a fait accompli if Trump keeps Bolton in the White House.
  • Iran Halts Compliance with Aspects of the JCPOA May 10, 2019
    Sina ToossiSina Toossi
    In this week’s Iran Unfiltered, Sina Toossi analyzes escalating tensions between the U.S. and Iran, Iran’s announcement that it would cease compliance with aspects of the JCPOA, a statement by Iran’s Ambassador to the UN that a diplomatic window remains open, and more.
  • NIAC Deeply Concerned by Continued Deterioration of the Iran Nuclear Deal May 8, 2019
    Today, reports broke that Iran will halt compliance with two limits in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), or Iran nuclear deal, a year following Trump’s violation of U.S. sanctions lifting commitments.
  • NIAC Statement on Reports that Iran Will Halt Compliance with Aspects of Nuclear Deal May 6, 2019
    NIAC StaffNIAC Staff
    “We call on all parties to fully uphold their commitments under the nuclear accord and condemn any and all violations of this agreement that is so important to preventing war and the spread of nuclear weapons. Iran’s potential move risks playing into a dangerous tit for tat that leads to ...
  • Deputy Foreign Minister Says Iran on Cusp of Leaving JCPOA May 3, 2019
    Sina ToossiSina Toossi
    In this week’s Iran Unfiltered, Sina Toossi analyzes a statement from Iran’s deputy foreign minister that the country is on the cusp of leaving the JCPOA, escalating tensions with the U.S, the execution of two minors in Iran, and more.
  • At NIAC Congressional Panel, Experts Warn Trump is Taking Iran Diplomacy Off the Table May 3, 2019
    Ethan Azad
    The panelists unanimously agreed that the current U.S. strategy toward Iran is not only self defeating but dangerous, including by signaling to other nations that the U.S. is unreliable.
  • Sanctioning Iran’s Climate May 1, 2019
    Mana Mostatabi
    Iran needs a portfolio of solutions to approach climate change—one grounded in a re-evaluation of its resource management practices, and bolstered by international assistance. Until both domestic and international policies are overhauled, the fate of Iran’s changing climate and its people, looks grim.
  • NIAC Condemns the Iranian Government for the Executions of Two Minors May 1, 2019
    Today, reports emerged that two minors, 17-year old cousins Mehdi Sohrabifar and Amin Sedaghat, were flogged and secretly executed in Iran on April 25. The two teenagers were arrested when they were 15 and convicted on rape charges.
  • NIAC Joins a Coalition of Over 100 Organizations Opposing DHS Surveillance of Activists, Journalists, and Lawyers May 1, 2019
    Today, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) joined the Center for Democracy and Technology along with a coalition of over 100 organizations in sending a letter to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) urging it to cease targeting activists, journalists, and lawyers based on their First Amendment-protected speech and ...