April 19, 2024

NIAC Statement on Israeli Strikes in Isfahan, Iran

Washington, DC – NIAC President Jamal Abdi issued the following statement after Israel reportedly conducted a strike early this morning in Isfahan, Iran:

“We were deeply disturbed by the reports of an Israeli military strike in Isfahan last night which risked triggering a new cycle of violence in the brewing conflict between Israel and Iran. It is ordinary people who suffer from war, far more than the leaders who recklessly throw lives away in militaristic policies.:

“Fortunately, this strike appears to have been relatively minor, and Iran is downplaying the seriousness. We hope this signals that both Israel and Iran, with the United States, are choosing to take off-ramps to conflict before they disappear. The last thing we need is a new war of choice spanning across borders and threatening the lives of Iranians, Israelis, Americans and all the peoples of the region.”

“The American people have demanded a ceasefire and peace, not another new reckless war of choice. We are deeply concerned that President Biden has refused to hold Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s government accountable to both US and international law, which has enabled Netanyahu’s government to perpetrate a famine and what has been credibly charged as genocide in Gaza, as well as the bombing of an Iranian diplomatic compound that could have pulled the U.S. into a regional war. We fervently hope that such a war, which would be a disaster for countless millions, has been avoided but we recognize the risk only continues to grow as the war in Gaza continues. We call on Iran and Israel to stand down from further retaliation and respect international law, and for President Biden to finally move with urgency to de-conflict and end the war in Gaza.”


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