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  • NIAC Statement on Trump’s Iran Threat April 24, 2018“The President is setting up a dangerous catch-22 with Iran. Trump is threatening war if Iran restarts nuclear activities on one hand while he unravels the very agreement that prevents a nuclear-armed Iran on the other. This is more than a war of words, the President is setting us up for a very real ...
  • Pompeo Is Not Going To Save The Iran Deal April 23, 2018As Mike Pompeo’s confirmation vote in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee teeters on the brink of rejection, hawks eager to salvage his confirmation on the Senate floor are pushing an interesting argument: that only Pompeo can “save” the Iran nuclear deal (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA). This ...
  • Pompeo to Lose Foreign Relations Committee Vote April 20, 2018Washington, DC – NIAC Action Executive Director Jamal Abdi issued the following statement after a majority of the members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee announced their opposition to Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo: “This is a blow to Pompeo’s standing that will haunt him even if he is confirmed. ...
  • NIAC Statement on Syria Strikes April 13, 2018National Iranian American Council Research Director Reza Marashi released the following statement on the strikes on Syria.
  • NIAC Sues Trump Administration for Failing to Provide Information on Backdoor Muslim Ban April 13, 2018Early this morning, the National Iranian American Council filed National Iranian American Council v. United States Department of State to compel the Trump Administration to turn over requested documents which would provide vital information about how the ‘extreme vetting’ policy is being implemented.

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