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  • NIAC Statement on Supreme Court Lifting Injunctions on Muslim Ban June 26, 2017Today’s Supreme Court decision immediately places the status of many Americans’ families into question again.
  • Fact Sheet: The Supreme Court Lifts Freeze on Trump’s Muslim Ban June 26, 2017Moments ago, the Supreme Court lifted the freeze on some key provisions of the Muslim ban executive order. This could affect you or your loved ones. Please see the following Fact Sheet for key information about the Supreme Court’s ruling.
  • NIAC Statement on the Torching of Nabra Hassanen’s Memorial June 21, 2017“Regardless of whether Nabra’s murder was the result of a hate crime or a heinous act of senseless violence, the reaction to her passing has exposed the depth of Islamophobia in America among an insidious few, and a loud rejection of hate by the majority.”
  • Is Iran’s Ballistic Missile Use Trump’s Fault? June 20, 2017Much to the chagrin of leaders in Washington, Tel Aviv and Riyadh, Iran launched ballistic missiles into Syria on Sunday, targeting ISIS in retaliation for its terror attacks in Tehran two weeks ago. These strikes are the first time that Iran has launched missiles since its 1980-1988 war with Iraq, ...
  • Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson Headlines Iranian American Event In Seattle June 16, 2017NIAC hosted a sold-out downtown fundraiser on Thursday, June 15th; it was NIAC’s first Seattle event in six years. Thursday’s event, which raised nearly $50,000 was attended by a diverse crowd, including David Sellers from nearby Ballard, WA. When asked what compelled him to attend the event, Sellers, who is ...

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