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  • NIAC Concerned over Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Push for War March 19, 2018“The Saudi Crown Prince’s Mohammed bin Salman’s official state visit to Washington DC tomorrow has one purpose above all and that is to fulfill what former Secretary of Defense Bob Gates warned about in 2010: The Saudis “want to fight the Iranians to the last American.” But while the Saudi effort to ...
  • Apple’s Shut Down for Iranians is Disturbing Trend U.S. Government Must Reverse March 16, 2018We urge that the Administration take steps to ensure that its policies are not undermining legitimate interests like human rights and freedom of speech for Iranians. 
  • Pompeo Nomination Threatens Iran Deal, Increases Risk of War March 13, 2018Washington, DC – National Iranian American Council issued the following statement regarding the nomination of Mike Pompeo to become Secretary of State: “Mike Pompeo’s nomination for Secretary of State could have profound implications for the fate of the Iran nuclear deal and the prospect of a new war in the Middle ...
  • NIAC Mourns the Passing of Former Board Chair Ali Youssefi  March 13, 2018NIAC joins a broad community of family, friends and fans who are grieving the recent passing of Ali Youssefi. Ali passed away on March 10 at the age of 35 following a several month battle with cancer. 
  • Don’t Let Trump Turn Iran into North Korea March 6, 2018Unless the administration changes course and halts its diplomatic sabotage, the JCPOA risks the same fate as another landmark nonproliferation agreement, the Agreed Framework with North Korea.

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