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From being the trusted voice on U.S.- Iran relations, to pushing forth legislation that protects individuals of Iranian heritage from systematic discrimination, to celebrating our cultural heritage, NIAC creates a lasting impact in the lives of the members of our community.

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Community Artist Series: Zachary Tirgan

Our fifth Community Artist Series highlight is–Zachary Tirgan also known as Nouhi’s Nomad, he is a singer, songwriter, and a professional opera singer based in New York City.

Violent Crackdown of Isfahan Protestors in Iran

Reports from Friday describe Iranian security forces violently clamping down on peaceful protests over water scarcity taking place in Isfahan and at least one other city. The state repression came in the form of batons, teargas, and buckshot fired indiscriminately at the protestors, many of whom are struggling farmers impacted by environmental degradation. Human rights groups, such as The Center for Human Rights in Iran, quickly and rightly condemned “the use of live fire on protesters in Isfahan,” and urged the international community, “to call on the Iranian government to allow people to protest without the threat of violence and death.”

November 2019 Protests: Marking Two Years Since the Brutal Crackdown

This November marks two years since the brutal crackdown of protests across Iran, which were sparked by an overnight spike in fuel prices but revealed deeper discontent within Iranian society. While the number of victims is disputed and may be much higher, according to an in-depth report by Amnesty International, the heavy-handed crackdown by security forces killed at least 324 men, women, and children between the 15th and 19th of November, 2019. These documented victims of violent state repression were killed in 37 cities across Iran, with the majority having been killed in the impoverished suburbs around Tehran.

Vienna Nuclear Negotiations Restart

The seventh round of negotiations aimed at restoring the JCPOA started in Vienna between Iran and the P4+1. The U.S. is an indirect participant in the talks, which is between the JCPOA member states. This is the first round of negotiations since June and with the administration of conservative Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi.

Officials Claim Frozen Iranian Assets Freed

Iran’s President and other officials have claimed some of Iran’s assets abroad frozen by U.S. sanctions have been released. The IAEA Director General is travelling to Iran, a prominent human rights defender has been arrested, and an IRGC commander has talked about Iran’s response to the Soleimani assassination. Meanwhile, an earthquake hit southern Iran.