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Call Congress to Stand in Solidarity with Iranian Protesters

At a time when Iranian people, led by Iranian women, are challenging their authoritarian government like never before, it is important for the US government to express solidarity. Already, we’ve been successful in convincing the Biden administration to publish General License D-2 to broaden sanctions licensing to support internet freedom in Iran. Now, new bipartisan legislation supported by NIAC has been introduced in the House and Senate condemning the killing of Mahsa (Jhina) Amini and urging for targeted sanctions against Iranian officials and institutions involved in the crackdown.

Take action today to help us swiftly pass this important resolution by calling your members of Congress.


Step 1: Find your house representative and your senators and pick a time before 5 PM ET to call.

Step 2: Dial 844-ACT-NIAC (844-228-6422) to connect with the Capitol Switchboard and ask the operator to connect you to your legislator’s office.

Step 3: When you connect with the office, whether it’s with a person or the voicemail, make sure to say your name and that you are a constituent.

Here is a sample script you can use with our legislative asks, but you are encouraged to share your personal reasons for why you want your representatives to stand with the Iranian people:

“As a constituent of [Representative/Senator X], I urge you to show solidarity with the people of Iran who are demonstrating for their basic rights and against the cruelty of Iran’s authoritarian government. [Optional: include 1-2 sentences about why you care about the protests in Iran and why you want the lawmaker to take action]. I ask that [Representative/Senator X] cosponsor and pass the bipartisan joint resolution (H.Con.Res. 110/S.Con.Res. 47) condemning the killing of Mahsa Amini and the Iranian government’s brutal crackdown and commending the bravery of the Iranian people.

Can [Representative/Senator X] agree to support the legislation I just requested? Have they issued any statements on the protests?

Can they also support Sec. 1266 of the House-passed NDAA to support internet freedom in Iran and ensure it is in the final bill?”