Did Iran Go Broke Under Donald Trump?

Written by Ryan Costello, NIAC Policy Director Donald Trump has weaved a simple narrative to contrast his approach to the Middle East with that of current President Joe Biden. According to his account, which has been reflected by other politicians at the Republican National Convention this week, Trump imposed crushing sanctions and Iran went broke, and had no money for terrorism. Unfortunately for the world, Joe Biden then went woke and eased pressure on Iran, allowing it to fuel terrorism including the October 7th Hamas attack on Israel.  There’s just one problem: it’s total fiction. However, it is far easier to defend fiction than the total failure that the Trump administration authored on Iran. The Trump administration inherited a situation on Iran from the Obama administration that was extremely stable, and far superior to the scenario that it left the Biden administration or that Joe Biden is likely to hand back to Trump or a future successor.  Thanks to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or Iran nuclear deal, negotiated by the Obama Administration, Iran was operating a highly limited nuclear program under maximum transparency, with limited fears of any breakout toward a nuclear weapon. Conflict between the U.S., Iran

Could Kamala Harris Shift Gears on Biden’s Disastrous Middle East Approach?

The possibility of a Kamala Harris-led Presidential ticket has generated cautious excitement for voters who felt badly burned by Joe Biden and his handling of the war in Gaza. Critically, Harris called for a ceasefire more forcefully than Biden and has consistently demonstrated more empathy for Palestinians in her public remarks.

Statement on President Joe Biden Stepping Down

Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw from the 2024 Presidential race is a noble one, putting American democracy ahead of his personal ambitions and pride. The choices for our country right now are stark and it is imperative that Americans have the opportunity to choose a leader who will protect democracy and civil rights at home and work for peace abroad.  

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