July 22, 2020

NIAC Applauds Draft DNC Platform on Iran, Ban Provisions

Washington, DC – Ryan Costello, Policy Director for the National Iranian American Council Action (NIAC Action), applauded the DNC for its draft platform commitments supporting a mutual return to the Iran nuclear deal and an end to the Muslim ban. NIAC Action sent a letter to the DNC platform committee urging that these commitments be adopted in the party platform, and joined with a dozen other allied organizations to call on the DNC to support a return to compliance with the JCPOA:

The DNC should be applauded for its forward-leaning platform commitments on issues of importance to the Iranian-American community. The draft platform warns against the Trump administration’s dangerous military escalation against Iran and supports a mutual return to compliance with the Iran nuclear deal and further diplomatic negotiations. 2020 has been a bad year for Americans of all political stripes, and it nearly started with a disastrous war with Iran. Had Trump not been driven by a burning desire to torch his predecessor’s achievements, including the Iran nuclear deal, we wouldn’t have been close to such a catastrophe. Getting back into the Iran nuclear deal is necessary to step back from the brink of war and pursue a diplomacy-centric foreign policy that Americans can be proud of.

“The DNC should also be applauded for language pledging to “immediately terminate” the Trump administration’s discriminatory immigration orders, which would include the Muslim ban that has impacted so many Americans and their families and friends. Thankfully, the House today will vote to end the Muslim ban, and the presumptive nominee Joe Biden has pledged to end the Muslim ban on Day 1 of his administration. Trump’s discriminatory order foreshadowed many of his assaults on American democracy, and we are glad that it is a policy that should soon come to an end.

“NIAC Action looks forward to turning these important commitments to prevent war, support diplomacy and end discriminatory immigration orders into reality.”

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