July 19, 2017

Supreme Court Decision on Grandparent Ban Welcome, But Insufficient

Contact: Jamal Abdi
Phone: 206.369.2069
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Washington, D.C. – NIAC Action Executive Director Jamal Abdi issued the following statement after the Supreme Court reaffirmed that the Trump administration cannot impose the Muslim ban against grandparents and other family members of Americans:

“While John Roberts and the Supreme Court have taken further steps to temporarily limit Trump’s discriminatory ban, Republicans have blocked Congressional efforts to permanently limit or repeal the ban. Yesterday, Congress held its first ever vote on the Muslim ban. Unfortunately, 29 of 30 Republicans in the House Appropriations Committee voted down an amendment from Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) that would have affirmed the Supreme Court decision and prevented any taxpayer funding to impose the Muslim ban against grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members of Americans.

“While today’s decision by the Supreme Court is welcome, it should now be apparent that the Trump administration will use any wiggle room to enforce its ban against Iranians and other nationals targeted by the ban. It is outrageous and indefensible that Trump would not view grandparents as bona fide relationships. Fortunately, this error has been corrected. However, American families continue to wait in limbo and monitor the back and forth of court rulings and administrative actions that contribute to a growing sense of insecurity.

“Congress has the power to put an end to the Muslim ban fiasco by rescinding Trump’s Executive Order and blocking taxpayer funding for it. Instead, Republican leadership in both chambers have blocked a vote on legislation to repeal the ban which was endorsed by nearly every Democrat but not a single Republican. Just last year, some Republicans expressed disgust with Trump’s rhetoric on the campaign trail. Now, they are collaborating with his efforts to undermine our Constitution and ban Muslims.

“Those targeted by this discriminatory ban deserve better. There should be tremendous pressure on any lawmaker shirking their duties and playing defense for Trump’s ban. The Iranian-American community will continue to push for a full repeal and to hold lawmakers accountable for their cowardice.”



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