September 10, 2015

NIAC Action Applauds Iran Deal Victory in Senate, Condemns House Distractions

Washington, DC – NIAC Action Executive Director Jamal Abdi released the following statement welcoming today’s Senate action in which a vote to disapprove the Iran nuclear agreement failed and criticizing separate efforts in the House:
“This is a stunning victory for supporters of peace and diplomacy. This vote should settle the debate once and for all that this is a good deal. The Iran nuclear agreement was subjected to a massive multi-million dollar campaign against it, it has been scrutinized in countless hearings and forums, it was put to an unprecedented vote in Congress, and it has stood up to every single test. Instead of revisiting this vote or re-litigating the terms of the deal, it is now time to focus on implementing the agreement and doubling down on diplomacy rather than militarism.
“Meanwhile, the House plans to vote today on a resolution claiming that the 60-day period that Congress granted itself to review the Iran agreement has not begun because the President has not submitted a separate agreement between Iran and the IAEA to Congress. 
“Instead of debating the merits of the nuclear deal or presenting a viable alternative, the President’s dedicated opponents are once again resorting to political stunts and conspiracy theories to avoid having to govern. First it was the President’s birth certificate, then it was Benghazi, now it’s the supposed ‘secret side deal’.
“Hardliners in the House are playing politics with U.S. national security and damaging American leadership on the world stage. Those calling for strong leadership should not at the same time be actively working to undermine U.S. foreign policy and weakening America’s ability to lead. These actions may have serious longterm consequences by casting doubt on the U.S. ability to uphold the terms of the deal and signaling to the rest of the world that they too should consider hedging on their own commitments.”
NIAC Action released a memo outlining the flawed approach and damaging consequences of the potential House action.



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