Ceasefire Now, No Regional War

End the War in Gaza, Prevent Regional War with Iran

As the war in Gaza continues to claim more innocent lives and threaten mass famine, genocide, and a wider regional war with Iran, supporters of peace must do everything in our power to stop this crisis from escalating further.

We demand that the Biden Administration stop fueling the war with more weapons to Israel and instead finally utilize U.S. leverage and diplomacy to end the suffering and stop the conflict from spiraling into all out regional war.

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On February 15, NIAC hosted an expert panel with Lara Friedman, Daniel Levy, Barbara Slavin, and Jim Zobgy, moderated by Jamal Abdi.

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NIAC Action New York travels to Washington DC to demand a Ceasefire Now and No War with Iran

NIAC Action’s New York Chapter sponsored and led a team of 23 volunteers from New York City down to D.C. to meet with leading lawmakers from New York – including staff for the Senate majority and House minority leaders – to call for a ceasefire, halting an escalation to war with Iran, surging humanitarian aid and halting all offensive weapons transfers to Israel.

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CBC As It Happens: Israel Iran Strike

“The decision by Israel to conduct that strike, I do think was extremely reckless. And I think it is just a question of whether it was reckless out of, you know, negligence or hubris, or was it deliberately reckless? And, you know, my, my great fear is that it really was — the intention was — to provoke Iran, whether it’s to take the focus off of what is happening in Gaza, whether it is to regionalize the war and force the U.S. to enter directly to confront Iran.”

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NIAC Statement on Israeli Strikes in Isfahan, Iran

We were deeply disturbed by the reports of an Israeli military strike in Isfahan last night which risked triggering a new cycle of violence in the brewing conflict between Israel and Iran. We call on Iran and Israel to stand down from further retaliation and respect international law, and for President Biden to finally move with urgency to de-conflict and end the war in Gaza.

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NIAC Statement on Iranian Retaliation Against Israel

We are deeply concerned that Iranian retaliatory strikes following Israel’s April 1 attack on its diplomatic compound in Damascus will move the region even further from the path to peace and security. Now is the time for restraint and diplomacy, not more military escalation. Anyone who yearns for a future in which Iranians are free of the shackles of authoritarianism must reject war and work for peace and diplomacy.

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