• NIAC Welcomes Extension, Urges Compromise to Secure Iran Nuclear Deal

          Washington, DC – National Iranian American Council President Trita Parsi issued the following statement in response to the decision to extend negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program: “For those who favor a peaceful resolution to the nuclear dispute, […] Read More »
  • Thank you, Bay Area!

    Thank you, Bay Area!

    Many thanks to all who attended NIAC’s Bay Area Fundraiser with Kamran Elahian and Joe Cirincione on Saturday, November 15, and helped make this a successful northern California fundraiser. We beat our goal of raising $100K, and did so in less than […] Read More »
  • The Day After a Nuclear Deal

    The Day After a Nuclear Deal

    The White House worked hard to fence Iran off from the world. But in the wake of a nuclear deal, will the US end up fencing only itself off from Iran? Iran might re-open for business soon, but don’t expect the Americans to be knocking on the door. With the… Read More »
  • Iran Nuclear Deal Could Spell End of the War That Never Was

    Iran Nuclear Deal Could Spell End of the War That Never Was

    In less than a week, the outcome of the nuclear talks with Iran will be clear. According to one P5+1 diplomat, the possibilities -- ranging from most to least likely -- are an extension of the talks, a comprehensive agreement, or an agreement in principle. Read More »

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