January 27, 2017

Trump’s Executive Order is a Travesty

Contact: Jamal Abdi
Email: [email protected]
Washington, DC – National Iranian American Council issued the following statement following Donald Trump’s signing of an Executive Order to ban nationals of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entering the United States:
“It has been two hours since Donald Trump signed what may be one of the most consequential assaults on American values and security and yet they have still not released this document to the American people. His order will affect tens of thousands of lives and yet none of us have even seen the final version. Sadly this lack of transparency is becoming the norm under Trump’s administration.
“Based on what we know about the order, this is a dark day for our country. This action endangers the lives of Americans and will make us far less safe. It will divert resources away from fighting terrorism in order to crack down on our loved ones. It will feed xenophobia and turn Americans against one another. And it is a gift to groups like ISIS who will use this as a recruitment tool and who must be ecstatic to see America tearing itself apart from within. 
“Not a single person has been killed in the U.S. by a terrorist attack committed by individuals from the countries subjected to Trump’s ban. This measure would not have stopped the perpetrators of past terrorist attacks, including September 11th, San Bernardino or the Orlando nightclub attack. 
“Donald Trump is plunging the lives of first and second generation Americans into disarray and uncertainty. We have heard from countless Iranian Americans whose lives are going to be upended by this action. We have talked to parents who will be prevented from reuniting with their young children, students who will not be able to return from conferences abroad, and spouses who will be held in limbo away from their loved ones.
“We want America to be safe and strong. Barring our doors, turning us against one another, stoking fears of foreign and religious threats, and targeting random countries is no way to do that. 

“It should go without saying that no individual is uniquely prone to terrorist sympathies based on where they were born. Iranian Americans are one of the most successful immigrant groups in the United States, and have contributed to every aspect of American life. This order is a slap in the face to our entire community as it treats anybody from Iran, and the other restricted countries, as a threat to fellow Americans because of where we were born.

“Donald Trump’s own Vice President, Mike Pence, tweeted in December of 2015 that a Muslim ban is ‘offensive’ and ‘unconstitutional.’ We agree. Speaker Paul Ryan also stated that a Muslim ban is not in our country’s best interests. He was right. It is time for all leaders to stand up and reject this offensive ban.
“There remain many questions that the Trump Administration must answer. Will this order bar green card holders who are currently outside of the U.S. from returning? Will it apply to persons who are dual nationals of both a targeted and a non-targeted country? Will people who are stuck in limbo have any recourse to return? The least this administration can do is provide some clarity, even if it is unwilling to get serious about America’s safety and reverse this destructive action.”
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