May 14, 2015

NIAC Statement on Passage of Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act

Washington, DC – National Iranian American Council (NIAC) Policy Director Jamal Abdi issued the following statement following Congressional passage of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act (H.R. 1191):

“With the final passage of this bill, the onus is now on every member of Congress to evaluate a final nuclear deal its merits, compare it against the alternatives, and decide between war and peace with Iran.

“If our negotiators secure a deal that implements the inspections, verification, and constraints on Iran’s nuclear program that was outlined in the framework agreement, they will have achieved a core U.S. objective without firing a single shot. If Congress were to vote down such a deal, it would unravel a historic nonproliferation victory in favor of a historically reckless act of self-sabotage. Killing the deal would significnatly damage and isolate the United States, eliminate restraints and verification over Iran’s nuclear program, and set the stage for a disastrous war.

“Many supporters of this bill have argued that the American people must have a say on a final deal. We agree and will be working over the coming weeks to ensure that every member of Congress hears loud and clear from their constituents why Americans overwhelmingly support a diplomatic resolution with Iran.

“We applaud the 151 Representatives who endorsed the framework agreement in a letter last week and who sent a strong signal that, if the President is forced to use his veto to protect a good deal, there is likely sufficient support in Congress to uphold that veto. We hope that such an outcome is not necessary and that lawmakers will listen to the American people and vote for peace.”


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