January 28, 2024

NIAC Statement on Attack Killing Three U.S. Servicemembers

Washington, DC – National Iranian American Council (NIAC) President Jamal Abdi issued the following statement regarding reports that three U.S. service members were killed and more were injured by a drone attack conducted by militias with links to Iran: 

“Our hearts are with the three American service members whose lives were taken in this attack, and all those wounded. We strongly condemn this escalation by militias with ties to Iran, and all the escalations since October 7 that have cost thousands of lives and moved the region further and further from peace and security.”

“The U.S. and Iran are now closer to the brink of being pulled into a full-blown regional war by the vortex of violence that was unleashed by Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7th and Israel’s assault on Gaza that has continued now for over three months. Neither the leadership of the U.S. nor Iran apparently want such an outcome, but there are voices and actors on both sides cheerleading for an all-out war.”

“Those who have consistently counseled only violence to address the crisis unleashed on October 7 should be ashamed of the disastrous outcomes they have so far reaped. We are disgusted by calls for more escalation from opportunists like Senators Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton, and John Cornyn who are urging yet again for the U.S. to directly attack Iran. After years of working to block and undermine diplomatic alternatives, these people may be closer than ever to realizing their dream of war with Iran.”

“President Biden must show leadership and recognize that there is no military solution to this crisis that has only been expanded and prolonged by military escalation and a dearth of diplomacy. The President must calibrate his response so as not to condemn the U.S. and region to an intractable war and instead work to end this conflict. The most impactful thing Biden can do to prevent further deaths across the region and prevent a full-blown war is to secure an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Palestine.”


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