June 16, 2009

NIAC condemns post-election violence

The National Iranian American Council condemns the Iranian government’s use of violence against demonstrators in Tehran and cities across Iran. “We condemn the violations of the human rights of the Iranian people,” said NIAC President Trita Parsi.  “The people’s right to freedom of expression must always be respected.”

The violence ensued after elections widely perceived to have been either rigged or stolen. Credible reports and footage from Iran have shown security forces using brutal and sometimes lethal force to break up demonstrations across the country.

The Iranian government is obligated under international law to respect the civil and political rights of its people under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

“We unequivocally demand that violence against protesters be immediately halted,” said Dokhi Fassihian, member of NIAC’s board of directors.




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