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November 23, 2010

Iranian-American Organizations Host Leadership Summit

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Irvine, CA – On September 4, some of the most active Iranian-American organizations met in Orange County for a two-day summit to identify the Iranian-American community’s most pressing needs and to coordinate to ensure fluid communication while recognizing each other’s independence and individual viewpoints.  This summit was the first of its kind and resulted in the creation of protocols aimed at continued collaboration, communications, and joint action.  While each participating member group has its own purpose and expertise, working together will empower the Iranian-American community by creating a more cohesive network for action.  The participating organizations also agreed to form a steering committee composed of representatives from each organization that will be tasked with ensuring that the organizations are in constant contact with one another about emerging issues and the community can react expeditiously and efficiently to any emerging issues.  The steering committee will also be responsible for gathering data about other Iranian-American community programs to share with each participating organization.

While the Iranian American Bar Association (IABA), National Iranian American Council (NIAC) and Network of Iranian American Professional of Orange County (NIPOC) represent the founding member groups, other Iranian-American organizations are welcome to join the group as well. 

 “This session was a milestone for our community. For the first time, some of the most prominent organizations in the community came together with the aim of forming a framework for strong and sustainable collaboration in order to strengthen the Iranian-American community,” said Trita Parsi, President of NIAC.

“The strength of any organization depends upon its capacity and readiness to appear at the time and for the cause that it is needed. This can be satisfied through collaboration with other organizations sharing similar values. At NIPOC, we believe that our joint efforts within the framework of this group not only serve to enhance our missions, but also promotes the very spirit of cooperation in pursuit of addressing the needs of our community.” said Mohsen Hashemi, President of NIPOC.

Throughout the two days, members of the various groups discussed their respective organizational make-up and later created a series of protocols, identified a steering committee, and the following common statement:

The undersigned organizations convened on September 4-5, 2010 to recognize each others’ missions, achievements, and challenges and to create a framework for continued collaboration, communications, and joint action.  Inspired by the success of the Iranian American 2010 Census Coalition, in which the Iranian American community collaborated with one another at unprecedented levels, the undersigned organizations identified important needs within the community and resolved to create mutual understanding and methods to expand collaboration and synergies.  The attendees created a steering committee for the promotion of educational programs, cultural heritage and awareness, civic participation, and advocacy for the Iranian-American community.  Recognizing that we are stronger when standing together, the agreed framework of collaboration is aimed at drawing upon the achievements, strengths, and expertise of each organization to benefit our community for generations to come.

Karen Ostad, President, IABA   

Trita Parsi, President, NIAC

Mohsen Hashemi, President, NIPOC                              




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