August 4, 2015

WSJ: Iranian-Americans Split on Nuclear Deal

“Elham Khatami, the national outreach director at the National Iranian American Council, said some in the generation of Iranian-Americans born in the U.S., as she was, view the Iranian government more dispassionately than their elders do.

“I am also quite fed up with the regime, but we’re much more removed from the circumstances,” she said. That is part of why many Iranian-Americans born nthe U.S. support the nuclear accord, which they see as the best way to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon and to open diplomatic pathways, she said.”

“For those with family still in Iran, the prospect of lifting sanctions also suggests an improvement in the economic conditions that could benefit their relatives.”

“They’re struggling under sanctions, so that definitely colors one’s view if you’re hearing from your family,” Ms. Khatami said.” 

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