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May 22, 2014

Rep. Doggett Urges Congress: Give Diplomacy A Chance

Washington, DC – Representative Lloyd Doggett (D-TX), took to the House floor this week to speak out against provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2015 that would disrupt nuclear negotiations involving the United States and Iran:

There are few greater threats to the security of American families than those which could arise from the failure of the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran.  Parts of this bill seek to disrupt the Administration’s tough, persistent diplomacy.  

Some would assign to Israel the job of starting what could become World War III—even the Bush-Cheney Administration rejected that approach.  Iranian Revolutionary Guard hardliners may ultimately doom these negotiations; our responsibility is to ensure that hardliners here don’t do the obstruction for them.  

Our arsenal of democracy includes more than bombs– it includes tough negotiations and strong sanctions to reach a carefully monitored, verifiable agreement that will protect of our families and our allies.  Given the high cost of failure, we certainly cannot afford to surrender to defeatists, who capitulate on the negotiations before they are even completed.  It is too soon to wave the white flag and give up in favor of war.

The obstinate objections to the Interim Agreement were proven to be unjustified.  The International Atomic Energy Agency has determined that Iran has taken verifiable actions to halt the progress of its nuclear program and roll back key aspects. Let’s give peace a chance.

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