April 24, 2020

Corona Response Undermined by Excluding Immigrant Families

NIAC Action joined over 550 advocacy organizations across the country this week in signing a letter to Congress, urging for legislation to include healthcare and economic support for immigrant families during the Coronavirus pandemic.

If Congress and the President continue to exclude immigrant families from healthcare and economic support legislation, it puts everyone at risk. Immigrant families, including within the Iranian-American community, make up a large portion of essential workers who are at the forefront of our country’s battle against the virus; caring for the sick, working in agriculture, delivering packages and food, working in supermarkets and transporting critical supplies. Without this dangerous work, our collective recovery will be much slower. Immigrant families deserve to be included in any future relief packages.

This is why NIAC Action joined the National Immigration Law Center, and the Center on Law and Social Policy, and over 550 other advocacy organizations across the United States’ to demand 1) an end to the implementation of public charge regulations that deter immigrant families from getting needed health care and assistance, 2) that Medicaid include COVID-19 care for all residents in the United States, regardless of immigration status, income or categorical eligibility, 3) more funding for Community Health Centers, free and charitable clinics, school-based health centers, and critical access hospitals, 4) interpretation services at healthcare facilities in multiple languages and 5) an extension of nutrition assistance programs.

Read the full letter to Congress below:

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