March 9, 2023

Colorado Stands with Iranian Women: Congratulations to our CO Chapter for Tireless Organizing

Denver, CO – The State of Colorado has recognized the bravery of the Iranian people, especially Iranian women, who have been risking their lives to protest against an oppressive and corrupt regime. 

NIAC applauds Governor Jared Polis for signing a resolution that recognizes the sacrifices and struggles of the Iranian people, and for standing with them in their fight for freedom and justice. We also congratulate our incredible Colorado chapter members for their tireless organizing efforts that helped bring attention to this important issue.

The Colorado resolution acknowledges the courage of Iranian women who have faced brutality and the threat of death as they have taken to the streets to demand human rights and fundamental change against the oppressive regime. The resolution, which we helped develop, highlights the vital role of women in the movement for democracy and human rights in Iran, and reaffirms Colorado’s commitment to supporting their cause. 

NIAC chapters have been proud to contribute to the crucial organizing work, in service of the Iranian people, happening around the country. Almost two dozen resolutions supporting the movement for human rights and democracy, led by Iranian women, have passed at the local level. 

We encourage everyone to read the full resolution below and will continue to work with American civic leaders to stand in solidarity with the Iranian people in their quest for a free and democratic society.

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