November 2, 2023

Call your lawmakers to demand a cease-fire

Call your representatives in Congress to demand a ceasefire and a stop of escalation toward all out regional war:

Step 1: Pick a time before 5pm ET/2pm PT to call.

Step 2: Dial 844-ACT-NIAC or  (844-228-6422) and ask to be connected with your local representative’s office. 

Step 3: When you connect with the office, whether it’s with a person or the voicemail, make sure to say your name, that you are a constituent, and zip code.

Step 4: Here is a sample script you can use but you are encouraged to share your personal reasons for why you want a ceasefire now. 

My name is ____ and I live in ____, as a constituent horrified by the escalating toll of the war in Israel and Gaza, I’m calling to urge (insert your House Congressmember’s name) to cosponsor the resolution from Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) calling for an immediate de-escalation and permanent ceasefire.

If the text of that resolution does not match the Congressmember’s views on the topic, we urge that they issue an explicit statement calling for de-escalation, a permanent  ceasefire and, at the very least, a warning against a broader war.

The longer this conflict goes on, the greater the likelihood that it widens and draws U.S. forces directly into a bloody and disastrous regional war. Like countless other Americans, I do not want this war to get worse and do not want the U.S. engaged in a new endless war that could make the Iraq war pale in comparison. 

This is why I call on you to support a ceasefire calling for an immediate ceasefire and urgent humanitarian assistance to flow into Gaza. Please show leadership at this critical time and make a stand for peace, I’m counting on you.

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