Iran Sanctions

  • Dollar-Clearing Battle: First Step to Killing Iran Nuclear Deal June 12, 2018
    Ryan CostelloRyan Costello
    Lawmakers and advocacy groups undertook many steps to weaken the Iran nuclear deal during the Obama era to set up President Trump’s unilateral termination. Last week, Republicans on the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations released a 50-page report delving into the Obama administration’s efforts in early 2016 to ensure that Iran was able ...
  • Iran Hawk Accuses Lawmaker of Supporting Iranian Repression During Hearing June 8, 2018
    Omeed AskaryOmeed AskaryArmin FakhraiArmin Fakhrai
    On June 6, 2018, the Subcommittee of National Security of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform met to discuss the U.S. withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Rep. Welch put hawkish witnesses on the defensive regarding U.S. options after the collapse of the JCPOA, noting the ...
  • NIAC Calls on Bank of America to End Discriminatory Practices Against Iranian Americans May 24, 2018
    NIAC Statement
    NIAC is calling on Bank of America to immediately end discriminatory practices against Iranians and Iranian Americans and to conduct a full review of its procedures related to the suspension bank accounts held by individuals of Iranian descendant.
  • Why Trump’s Strategy for Iran Is Likely to Lead to War May 23, 2018
    Trita ParsiTrita Parsi
    His hopes for a “better deal” are based on the myth—partly encouraged by Obama—that sanctions forced Iran to come to terms in 2015.
  • Iran’s Leadership After Trump Abandons The JCPOA May 22, 2018
    Reza MarashiReza Marashi
    With Donald Trump abandoning the JCPOA, all eyes are now on Tehran. How will Trump’s unilateralism affect the balance of power in Iranian politics?
  • NIAC Statement on Designation of CBI Officials May 15, 2018
    NIAC StaffNIAC Staff
    Washington, DC – NIAC Vice President for Policy Jamal Abdi issued the following statement regarding the Trump administration’s designation of the governor and a senior official of the Central Bank of Iran:
  • Trump Vindicates Iranian Hardliners And Victimizes Ordinary Citizens May 8, 2018
    Ryan CostelloRyan CostelloTrita ParsiTrita Parsi
    Now the hardline narrative ― that the United States cannot be trusted and will never lift the sanctions ― has been vindicated by Trump’s shortsighted and self-serving decision to abrogate the nuclear accord.
  • That Was No Typo On Iran’s Nuclear Program May 2, 2018
    Ryan CostelloRyan Costello
    Unless policymakers take action to halt Bolton’s playbook for war and regime change, the U.S. will soon be leading yet another disastrous war of choice that would further devastate a region still reeling from the aftershocks of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
  • Kicking the Hornet’s Nest: Consequences of Trump’s May 12 Iran Deal Decision April 30, 2018
    Ryan CostelloRyan Costello
    President Trump has threatened to put the U.S. into material breach of the Iran nuclear deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), by failing to renew nuclear sanctions waivers by the May 12 deadline.
  • NIAC Pushes for Broader Sanctions Exemptions for Humanitarian Relief April 27, 2018
    Anya Raadam
    On March 22, the Department of Treasury solicited feedback on the effectiveness of its current licensing procedures for humanitarian aid to Iran and Sudan. Given the importance of this issue to both the people of Iran and the Iranian-American community, NIAC submitted comments recommending opportunities for improvements, including by encouraging ...
  • FDD Scholar: War with Iran ‘Is On’ April 10, 2018
    Mai Tawfik
    “The war is on”, declared Michael Ledeen, a “Freedom Scholar” with the anti-Iran deal Foundation for Defense of Democracies, at an event to discuss Iran policy following President Trump’s appointment of John Bolton and nomination of Mike Pompeo. “We’re in the war now. So all these people who keep on ...
  • Don’t Let Trump Turn Iran into North Korea March 6, 2018
    Ryan CostelloRyan Costello
    Unless the administration changes course and halts its diplomatic sabotage, the JCPOA risks the same fate as another landmark nonproliferation agreement, the Agreed Framework with North Korea.
  • Think Again: Iran’s Missile Program February 16, 2018
    Ryan CostelloRyan Costello
    Instead of replacing nuclear escalation with missile escalation, the Trump administration and Congress should protect the gains of the nuclear accord and seek to build on them through serious diplomatic engagement. Failure to do so will risk the unraveling of the nuclear accord and the U.S. once again facing the ...
  • Poll of Iranians Punctuates Points Made in Protests February 8, 2018
    Anya Raadam
    The latest national poll of Iranians by the Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland underscores growing Iranian discontent with the economy, Tehran’s mismanagement and corruption, disillusionment with the JCPOA and the effectiveness of international diplomacy, and increasing disapproval of the policies of the Trump White House.
  • NIAC Condemns Trump’s Divisive Address January 30, 2018
            Trita Parsi, President of the National Iranian American Council, released the following statement in response to tonight’s State of the Union address: “President Trump’s first year in office was spent dividing our union and undermining American credibility abroad. Far from taking actions to restrain a President woefully unfit for the ...