January 12, 2024

54 Signers Urge Senators Patti Murray and Maria Cantwell to Support a Ceasefire and Other Measures to End the War in Gaza

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Seattle WA: Today, 50 local signers with a Washington state presence delivered a letter calling on the U.S. Senators Murray and Cantwell to support a ceasefire in Gaza as well as further legislative initiatives to ensure that U.S. military aid to Israel and other countries complies with U.S. and international law. Senators Murray and Cantwell have yet to publicly express support for a ceasefire and other measures to end the war in Gaza.


The coalition, part of a national campaign taking part in 17 states, includes peace, antiwar, faith-based, and other organizations such as OneAmerica and Seattle Anti-War Coalition and the Washington chapters of the Friends Committee for National Legislation and Physicians for Social Responsibility.

These groups underscore in their letter that putting an end to all of the hostilities in Gaza is the safest way to secure the remaining hostages while simultaneously rebuilding a diplomatic foundation upon which peace and stability can be achieved.

The timing of this initiative is crucial, both in terms of the urgency of ending the slaughter in Gaza as thousands face starvation on top of the ongoing military offensive, and with the Senate likely taking up legislative measures next week. Foremost is Senator Bernie Sanders’ S.Res. 504 invoking Section 502(B)c of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, which would require a State Department report on Israel’s human rights violations. The organizations urged support for this resolution, along with the amendment offered by Senator Chris Van Hollen to the proposed supplemental funding bill with concentrated aid to Israel.

Following is the text of the letter and list of signers:

Dear Senators Murray and Cantwell,

We, the undersigned organizations and individuals, remain steadfast in calling for a bilateral and lasting ceasefire to end Israel’s devastating war in Gaza. Ending the war is the best way to get all the hostages released, set the stage for diplomacy to find a solution to the seemingly endless cycle of violence in Israel-Palestine, and avert an escalation to a full-blown regional war.

However, while the war continues, the Senate must do its part to ensure compliance with US and international laws. We urge you to support Sen. Van Hollen et al. amendment to the proposed supplemental funding bill, which requires that military assistance for other countries paid for by U.S. taxpayers be used consistent with U.S. law, international humanitarian law and the law of armed conflict. This need to condition military aid upon compliance with international law will remain relevant and worthy of your support regardless of the fate of said supplemental.

We also urge you to co-sponsor and vote for S. Res. 504, Senator Bernie Sanders’ resolution under Section 502B(c) of the Foreign Assistance Act (22 U.S.C. § 2304) that requires a report on Israel’s human rights practices and U.S. military aid to Israel. After months of devastation in Gaza, there is an urgent need for a meaningful debate on U.S. support for Israeli operations in Gaza and the West Bank, including the extent to which U.S. military aid may be supporting violations of international human rights and humanitarian law. This resolution is pursuant to current U.S. law, specifically Section 502B(c) of the Foreign Assistance Act, which sets out a process for reporting and transparency.

Thank you for your attention to these crucial and timely initiatives to help end this conflict and save countless lives. We look forward to your response and are available to meet to discuss these matters further. 



Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility

Immanuel Lutheran Church (ELCA)

Spokane Veterans for Peace #035

The Whatcom Peace and Justice Center

350 Eastside

Seattle Anti-War Coalition

Korea Peace Now! Grassroots Network PNW

Western WA Fellowship of Reconciliation Seattle Chapter

Pax Christi Northwest

Friends Committee on National Legislation


Seattle Friends Committee on National Legislation Advocacy Team

MAPS-AMEN (American Muslim Empowerment Network)


Paul Benz, Mercer Island

Martha Durkee-Neuman, Seattle

Joseph Berkson, Seattle

Mirah Wood, Shoreline

Alice Rothchild, MD, Seattle

Adrienne Papermaster, Seattle

Mona Lee, Seattle

John Alder, Spokane

Jessica Holman, Seattle

Christa Erwin, Seattle

Colleen Curtis, Bellingham

Robert Richard, Spokane

Emily Pham, Seattle

Goo Lee, University Place

Nancy Hansen, Kenmore

Vafa Ghazi, Seattle

Aria Fani, Lynnwood

Sarah Blum, Auburn

Roy Ghazimorad, Woodinville

Ali Marashi, Bellevue

Cindy Cole, Bellingham

Sorour Abdi, Kenmore

Glen Anderson, Lacey

Tasha Essen, Seattle

Phillip Lewis, Seattle

Mosen Abdi, Kenmore

Louise Lansberry, Seattle

Marcia Stone, Seattle

Jean Buskin, Seattle

Elaine Hickman, Seattle

Rosy Betz-Zall, Seattle

Mary Hanson, Seattle

Bahram Fallah, Redmond

David Lambert, Fircrest

Farzan Mamaghani, Sammamish

Jonathan Brown, Seattle

Heather Shaver, Tacoma

Rev. Deanna Vandiver, Bainbridge Island

Aneelah Afzali, Seattle

Joanne Quinn, Seattle

Heidi Sadri, Seattle

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