August 25, 2009

Iranian American pushed to center stage in show trial

State-funded Press TV reports on the latest person to be targeted in the trials today: Iranian-American scholar Kian Tajbakhsh. Predictably, the forced confession describes a conspiracy to overthrow the Islamic Republic led by Iran’s top reformists.

In a Tuesday court session in Tehran, Tajbakhsh, a former member of the Soros Foundation in Iran, said in his defense statement that former president Khatami and Mohammad-Javad Zarif, the then Iranian envoy to the United Nations, met George Soros, the founder of the network, in 2006.
Tajbakhsh said the meeting was part of a plan, which began in 1997, when Khatami took office, to ‘overthrow’ the system. He added that Khatami has been ‘constantly’ in contact with the Soros Foundation since then.
“Because of the support of some officials from the Reformist camp…a safe place was created for the cooperation of domestic and foreign forces…and American political parties and NGOs found a way to start activities in Iran,” Tajbakhsh added.

NIAC called for the release of Kian Tajbakhsh and other political prisoners last month. You can sign the petition seeking his release here.

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