March 5, 2008

Clinton Stages Comeback; McCain Wraps up Nomination

Hillary Clinton staged a surprising comeback in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination and John McCain is now the presumptive nominee, having reached the required delegate threshhold.

What does this mean for the race going forward? Follow me below for a quick preview.

Clinton beat Obama in the Ohio and Texas primary, and scored an impressive victory in Rhode Island too.


On the Republican side, McCain locked up the remaining 150 or so delegates he needed to secure the Republican nomination. Mike Huckabee bowed out of the race.

This Democratic race is proving to be the knockdown, drag-em-out fight that many predicted; but privately in Democratic circles, the thinking goes that the prolonged nomination fight will lead to some major bloodletting and severely cripple whoever is the nominee.


Looking forward to the next seven weeks of campaigning.


We’ll do a little bit more in analysis on where the general election race and the Democratic race is headed, especially foreign affairs and the US-Iran policy dimensions. And the role the IA community will play in the general election matchups and congressional races.

By the way, if I haven’t done so already, welcome to the blog everyone!

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