Response to Lindsey Graham’s Racist Remark on Fox & Friends

Jamal Abdi, President of the National Iranian American Council, released the following statement in response to Lindsey Graham’s racist remark on Fox and Friends this morning:

“It is absolutely disgusting for Senator Graham to state on Fox and Friends that it would be ‘terrible’ to discover that he had Iranian ancestry from a DNA test. This is not the first time that Graham has made bigoted remarks about Iranians. In 2015, he said ‘I know Iranians are liars’ based on his experience in his dad’s pool hall.

“If you dread the notion of Iranian ancestry and believe all Iranians are liars, you are hopelessly bigoted and unfit to serve in the U.S. Senate where votes affect tens of millions of Iranians and millions more of Iranian ancestry in the diaspora.

“Graham must apologize for his remarks in 2015 and recant his atrocious attempt at a joke on Fox and Friends this morning. The Iranian-American community will not forget such casual racism, nor will it forget which party has enacted policy on the basis of such racism by banning our family members from Iran.”

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Middle East Eye: Analysis: US Republican waits in the wings to scuttle Iran nuclear deal

The world is expecting the Vienna talks to be extended, but this will leave the deal’s fate at the mercy of the Republican Party? 

On 24 November, a landmark deal exchanging of US sanctions relief for further Iranian nuclear transparency might be sealed, opening the door for greater dialogue between the intractable enemies.

Short of that, the deadline will almost certainly be extended once again, putting future diplomacy at the mercy of the US Congress which, thanks to the November mid-terms will soon be dominated by Iran hawks, many of whom appear to be acting only to deny Obama any successes, anywhere, anyhow.


They Almost Killed The Deal

Senator GrahamLast week, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) almost killed the Iran talks.   

He went to the Senate floor and attempted to pass a bill to give Congress the authority to kill any nuclear deal. Thankfully, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) intervened and blocked Graham’s gambit. But it was a close call — too close.

As the clock ticks to the November 24 negotiation deadline, we cannot afford to let a deal get sabotaged by Congressional hawks who want to start a war.

So to protect these talks in this critical week, we are trying something new:
Instead of sending a standard petition, we want you to TAKE ACTION by sending a personalized message explaining why diplomacy matters to you.


Why a personal message? Congressional offices tell us over and over that these really make a difference. They demonstrate that you are going the extra mile. When your legislators read these messages, they’ll see how their position on this issue impacts their constituents.

If your lawmakers receive enough of these messages, they will see that diplomacy supporters are fired up, and they will feel the pressure to think very carefully about their actions on this issue. Oftentimes, it is this level of commitment from the grassroots that can make or break votes in Congress.
So please take a minute to send your personal message to Congress, and share this email with your network so we can generate a massive response.

>>Take Action: Send Congress Your Message on Why Diplomacy is Personal To You