September 11, 2009

Breaking: US, P5+1 accept Iran’s offer of negotiations

From Laura Rozen:

ACCEPTED — AP REPORTS: “The United States and five partner countries have decided to accept Iran’s new offer to hold talks, even though Iran insists it will not negotiate over its disputed nuclear program, the State Department said Friday. Department spokesman P.J. Crowley told reporters that although Iran’s proposal for international talks, presented to the six powers on Wednesday, was disappointing, it represented a chance to begin a direct dialogue.
“‘We are seeking a meeting now based on the Iranian paper to see what Iran is prepared to do,’ Crowley said. ‘And then, as the president has said, you know, if Iran responds to our interest in a meeting, we’ll see when that can occur. We hope that will occur as soon as possible.’
“He said Iran’s lack of interest in addressing its nuclear program is not a reason to refuse to talk. … ‘If we have talks, we will plan to bring up the nuclear issue,’ he said.”

Maybe they read Trita’s article?

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