October 6, 2016

Yasmin Khan is Cooking Up Something Marvelous to Make Your Mouth Water

One of the many great things about Yasmin Khan is that she feeds you both knowledge and tasty treats. Yasmin is a writer, cook and campaigner who loves to share people’s stories through food. She’s also a regular media commentator and runs cooking classes, pop-up supper clubs and writing retreats around the world. Prior to immersing herself in the fragrances and flavors of the Persian kitchen, Yasmin worked as a human rights campaigner, running national and international campaigns for NGOs and grassroots groups, with special focus on the Middle East. Visit her website at www.thesaffrontales.com, and check her out on Instagram: @thesaffrontales, and on Twitter: @yasmin_khan. And buy her book here! https://www.amazon.com/Saffron-Tales-Recipes-Persian-Kitchen/dp/1408868733 Yasmin and I talked about her new book, The Saffron Tales; how a project like hers opens new eyes to our cuisine, our culture, and our people; why it’s important for her to give people a taste of the real Iran; and how a modern take on a classical Gilaki folk song symbolizes what she’s trying to do with her own work.

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