March 30, 2021

#ReSealTheDeal Twitter Storm

Two months into the Biden administration, the fate of the Iran deal remains uncertain. Rather than abide by his campaign promise to return the U.S. to the Iran nuclear deal, the Biden team has done nothing to reverse Trump’s failed “maximum pressure” policy that imposed crushing sanctions on a nation of 83 million people amidst a global pandemic. The longer Iran and the U.S. remain in a political deadlock, the greater the risk of escalating  tensions in the Middle East, of bringing Iran closer to having nuclear weapons capability, and irreparable harm to the road to diplomacy. 

Help us raise visibility on the urgency for a swift return to the JCPOA by participating in our Twitter storm on Tuesday, March 30 at 1 PM. 


Table of Contents:

  1. Twitter storm best practices
  2. Key Twitter handles
  3. General sample tweets
  4. Norooz related sample tweets

Twitter Storm Best Practices

  • Tweet often and use the hashtag #ReSealTheDeal
  • Make sure to retweet folks using #ReSealTheDeal
  • Ask those in your network to participate!

Key Twitter Handles

  • @potus
  • @SecBlinken
  • We recommend tagging your members of Congress in your tweets. You can look up their twitter handles here.

General Sample Tweets

  • We can’t remain at a political deadlock with Iran any longer. @potus it’s time to rejoin the JCPOA. #ReSealTheDeal
  • President Biden must return to the JCPOA if he wants to turn the page on Trump’s failed Iran policies. Time is ticking, so we must act now! Sign the petition below to call on @potus to #ReSealTheDeal https://bit.ly/3u65njO
  • The pro-diplomacy community can stay silent no more: Congress must do everything in its power to save the JCPOA and advance diplomacy with Iran. Take action today to #ReSealTheDeal https://bit.ly/3u65njO
  • We need to advance peace, not be its roadblock. The Iran deal will make sure we continue to make the world a safer place. @potus, we call on you to take immediate action #ReSealTheDeal
  • Saving the JCPOA is imperative to advancing global peace & security and to ending Trump’s cruel sanctions devastating the people of Iran. @potus can’t wait any longer to #ReSealTheDeal
  • Last year, Candidate Biden called on the Trump administration to lift sanctions blocking humanitarian aid amid #COVID. Yet he hasn’t done it himself. @potus should keep campaign promises and demonstrate goodwill and effort to #ReSealTheDeal https://bit.ly/31rMStx
  • As the clock ticks, we edge closer and closer to a potentially disastrous war with Iran. The solution is simple – The US must end its diplomatic stalemate with Iran and return to the Iran nuclear deal. #ReSealTheDeal
  • The window to restore the Iran deal is quickly shutting and it’s up to the U.S. to seize the opportunity to revive diplomacy. @potus and @SecBlinken–can the American people count on you to #ReSealTheDeal?
  • No sanctions, no war. It’s time to return to the JCPOA, [tag your preferred targets] #ReSealTheDeal #NoSanctionsOnIran
  • @POTUS & @[Your Member of Congress] we need you to take bold action and repave the path to diplomacy with Iran. #ReSealTheDeal
  • Congress must echo the calls of the pro-peace community and urge the Biden administration for a swift and decisive return to the Iran nuclear deal. @[Your Member of Congress], can we count on you to help #ReSealTheDeal?

Norooz related sample tweets

If you set up a haft-seen this year, we highly recommend you include a picture of your haft-seen with a sign that says “#ReSealTheDeal” in your tweet. 

  • Every day that we continue Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign is another day the Iranian people are struggling under brutal sanctions. The best #nowruz message @potus & @SecBlinken can give Iranians this year is a return to the JCPOA. #ReSealTheDeal #NoSanctionsOnIran
  • It’s the last week of #nowruz and as we celebrate the arrival of spring we also celebrate renewal. In the spirit of Nowruz, I’m calling on @potus, @SecBlinken, and @[Your Member(s) of Congress] to return to the Iran nuclear deal. #ReSealTheDeal
  • #Nowruz is the perfect opportunity for a revival of US-Iran diplomacy. @potus, @SecBlinken, and @[Your Member(s) of Congress], please take action this Nowruz by returning the US to the JCPOA. #ReSealTheDeal
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