July 14, 2009

Ahmadinejad to make “significant changes” to the cabinet

Ahmadinejad plans to make changes in the structure of the government “suitable with today’s needs” emphasizing that “these changes will be significant.”
According to Hamshahri news, “[Ahmadinejad], who has shown a great interest in changing the administration over the past four years, has indicated a new design for his cabinet but it is not clear yet which one of his friends will remain in the cabinet and which one will leave.”
Ahmadinejad is also planning to reduce the number of ministries either by merging or dissolving them.  If his current proposal is accepted by the Majlis, ministries of Cooperative, Labor and Social Affairs, Commerce and Industries and Mines will be merged into one and the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science, Research and Technology will also be combined.

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