July 2, 2010

Obama Signs Sanctions Law, Highlights Measures Called for by NIAC

Washington, DC – The President yesterday signed new sanctions into law aimed broadly at the Iranian economy.  NIAC is opposed to this measure because it will punish innocent Iranians instead of targeting Iran’s government.

The final bill did include some of the measures NIAC has actively worked to support, which were highlighted by the President during the bill’s signing ceremony.  The new law imposes sanctions against human rights abusers in Iran’s government, as well as companies that provide the Iranian government with censorship technology.  It also eases US restrictions on Internet communication software and technology for Iranians.  However, the new law does not eliminate US sanctions on anti-censorship software, nor does it ease restrictions that prevent American humanitarian and human rights organizations  from working in Iran.

“We were pleased to hear the President’s pledge that the United States stands with the Iranian people, but there is much work for this Administration to do in order to make human rights a top priority,” said Jamal Abdi, NIAC Policy Director.  “We welcome the human rights sanctions and the easing of certain software export restrictions included in this new law.  But we deplore that it will simultaneously punish innocent Iranians through broad sanctions, and fails to eliminate existing restrictions on anti-censorship software, humanitarian relief and human rights support for Iranians.  It is imperative that the President act to lift these restrictions and reduce pressure on Iranians struggling for greater rights.”




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