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June 4, 2013

Obama Administration Doubles Down on Counterproductive Iran Sanctions


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Washington, DC – The National Iranian American Council’s policy director Jamal Abdi issued the following statement on the latest sweeping sanctions imposed by the Obama administration on Iran:

With Iran in the midst of a Presidential election, the Obama administration is continuing to double down on a counterproductive strategy of economic pressure that has empowered the regime, punished ordinary Iranians and hardened Iran’s nuclear policy. Coming in the midst of an Iranian Presidential election that has already seen the Supreme Leader eliminate candidates, crack down on journalists and limit access to the internet, these moves are likely to further solidify hardliners espousing resistance to the West, harm Iran’s pro-democracy movement and the human rights of innocent Iranians, and potentially undermine diplomatic prospects for the foreseeable future.

Crashing Iran’s economy by targeting the currency and automotive sectors will only enhance the plight of Iranians who are struggling to find work and medicine. Despite administration claims that its sanctions are targeted, blind and indiscriminate economic pressure has fallen disproportionately on Iranian citizens and empowered the regime. Instead, we should be focusing our efforts on keeping the diplomatic window open well beyond Iran’s upcoming Presidential election and then achieving a negotiated deal that offers sanctions relief for verifiable nuclear concessions. The Obama administration’s sanctions only help to narrow that window and move us further down a path that ends in war.


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