September 4, 2008

Republicans Stepping Up and Falling in Line Behind Strong Ticket

After last night’s fireworks from the ad-libbing Rudy Giuliani and everyone’s new favorite star Sarah Palin, the Republicans in the Twin Cities are flying high. Paying no attention to the protestors amassing outside the police barricades, party loyalists are working themselves up to a fevered pitch in support of their candidate.
The energy and excitement has really picked up since Gov. Palin’s speech last night. Those who once questioned the choice of the relatively unknown governor from Alaska are now enthusiastically falling in line. And the combination of her reputation for reform plus McCain’s image as a maverick is shaping up to be a formidable challenge in what many thought would be the Democrats’ year.
There are about 60 days left before the election, and regardless of what the polls say, I expect this election to be one to remember.

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