July 3, 2014

Yasmine Taeb Seeks to Bring Iranian-American Perspective to Virginia House of Delegates

Yasmine TaebWashington, DC – “The time has come for Iranian-Americans to come out of the shadows and actively participate in the political system of our adopted country that we have all grown to love,” says Yasmine Taeb, a former NIAC Congressional Fellow who is now running for Virginia’s 48th House of Delegates seat. The Democratic nominee will be decided in a vote this Sunday.

In a conversation with NIAC, Taeb highlighted the necessity of direct engagement in civic life and said that she considers herself a lifelong activist whose passion has been social justice and advancing the rights of all citizens.

“Coming from an immigrant family, my parents taught me to never take for granted the freedoms and opportunities our country embodies. They instilled in us an understanding of the principles that have made America great: equality, economic opportunity, and political rights for all,” Taeb reflected. This appreciation has motivated her to work tirelessly for comprehensive immigration reform during her professional career.

 Having fled war and turmoil in Iran at a young age, Ms. Taeb stressed that she constantly seeks to maintain a deep link to her native country and understands first-hand the issues and practices affecting Iranian Americans. Politically, she has “stood firmly against broad sanctions on Iran that collectively punish the Iranian people who are already under so much pain.” She also identifies as “an ardent supporter of diplomacy with Iran” and is hopeful a negotiated compromise can be reached to peacefully end the nuclear crisis at hand.

 She says she wants to “put an end to discriminatory practices that affect Iranian-Americans, whether it is denying us access to banking services, or hurting our ability to conduct legitimate business.”

 Taeb is also passionate about voting rights, civil and human rights, and women’s issues. She has served as an attorney and a longtime active resident of the Arlington community and hopes to serve as a strong voice on behalf of Iranian-Americans and other minorities, and their underrepresented narratives.

 Ms. Taeb currently serves as a Commissioner on the Arlington County Commission on the Status of Women and has worked to advance initiatives and policies that empower women. She also serves on the Human Rights Commission and has worked to eliminate unlawful discrimination in Arlington County.

 Taeb will face a crowded field of Democratic hopefuls for the seat of Virginia’s 48th Delegate. If elected as state delegate in the Virginia General Assembly, Taeb would join a small handful of Iranian Americans elected for political office throughout the country.

 For more information on Yasmine Taeb, visit www.yasminetaeb.com or www.facebook.com/YTaeb.

 NOTE: NIAC is a non-partisan organization and does not endorse political candidates at any level of government.

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