June 21, 2012

Virginia Democrats Endorse Diplomacy with Iran

Richmond, VA – The Democratic Party of Virginia voted unanimously to support diplomacy with Iran and to urge its Members of Congress to oppose efforts that would undermine talks with Iran. The Virginia measure was introduced by Sandra J. Klassen. The Virginia Democratic Party measure is the latest in a series of pro-diplomacy and pro-human rights measures passed by state legislatures, city councils, and state Democratic parties. Notably, the California Democratic Party and the Sante Fe City Council have voted to oppose war with Iran, and the California legislature passed a resolution to support human rights and diplomacy with Iran.

At the same time as the Virginia Democratic Party voted to support talks with Iran, a bipartisan group of U.S. Senators – including Virginia Democrat Mark Warner – sent a letter to President Obama favoring the opposite approach. The letter urged the President to “reconsider” holding negotiations with Iran and voiced opposition to any interim deal that would delay pending U.S. and EU sanctions in exchange for an Iranian agreement to freeze its higher level nuclear enrichment.




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