January 3, 2020

Three ways you can help prevent a war with Iran

The news that the United States assassinated IRGC Quds Force Commander Qassem Soleimani has brought the U.S. dangerously close to war with Iran. The last thing this country or the world needs is another disastrous American military adventure in the Middle East. We need Congress to immediately put forward legislation that would rein in Trump’s ability to start a war with Iran. But if we expect them to act, we need to take action NOW. 

Here are three ways to help:

? Sign our petition calling on Congress to block Trump’s war with Iran. If you have already signed, share the link on social media and text ten of your friends to sign as well.

✊? Show up to a protest near you TOMORROW. NIAC is cosponsoring anti-war demonstrations across the country tomorrow, January 4 to call for no war with Iran. Find a demonstration near you here and download NIAC Action’s anti-war signs here.

?? Sign up to volunteer. We have volunteer chapters all across the country and plenty of opportunities to get involved. Whether it’s mobilizing Iranian Americans to take action, meeting with your member of Congress, or working with the media, there is a place for you. Sign up to volunteer here. 

Please join the effort today and help us prevent a disastrous war with Iran.

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