March 20, 2009

Thank President Obama for his wonderful Norooz message and ask him to protect the Persian tablets

Washington DC – President Barack Obama’s historic Norooz message recognized the greatness of Iranian civilization, the contributions of Iranian Americans to America, and that threats cannot resolve the differences between Iran and the US. The President also declared that he wishes to end the last thirty years of enmity and move towards constructive US-Iran ties.

Send a message to the President and thank him for his bold diplomatic move and his leadership. Norooz may literally bring a new day and era through Obama’s vision and pursuit of diplomacy.

But also remind the president that the effort to confiscate and auction priceless tablets from Persepolis at University of Chicago is a real threat to his vision for a new beginning. A decision by the courts to auction off these ancient artifacts will certainly create an international crisis between the US and Iran, which will undermine Obama’s pursuit of diplomacy and jeopardize America’s national security.

Thank the president for his wonderful Norooz message and ask him to prevent the auction of the Persepolis tablets! Click here to send a letter to the President!




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