January 7, 2013

Four Iranian Americans Named in Forbes List of Upcoming Stars

Iranian Americans are increasing their presence in all walks of American life. In November, Cyrus Habib was the first Iranian American ever elected to state legislature. Last month, four Iranian Americans were recognized by Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List for their successes in technology.

Parisa Tabriz, a Security Princess at Google, was hired by the Internet search giant to hack the company’s products and teach developers better security. She is 29.

At age 26, Darian Shirazi was among Facebook’s earliest staff. He is now the founder of Radius Intelligence which provides superior tools for discovering new prospects, researching leads, and keeping CRM data up to date, according to their website.

Babak Pahlavan is the CEO of CleverSense. Included in the 29 year old’s achievements thus far is his hand in creating Arthur, an evolving iPhone app that recommends restaurants and adapts to your tastes.

Arash Ferdowsi, 27, is cofounder of DropBox, a user-friendly file-sharing tool used by over 100 million and with a valuation of some $4 billion.

Should the community feel like bragging, the four young pioneers above are a good starting point.




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