February 9, 2010

EU and US call on Iran to Uphold Human Rights on February 11

Washington, DC – The United States and the European Union issued a joint statement on Monday, February 8, calling on the Iranian Government to fulfill its universal human rights obligations and expressing concern that increased violence may occur in the coming days. The statement comes ahead of 22 Bahman (February 11), observed in Iran as the anniversary of the Islamic Republic.

Statements by Iranian opposition leaders and by government officials may portend some of the largest popular demonstrations and government reprisals since the June 12 elections. The US-EU statement urges Iran to end the human rights abuses, hold accountable those responsible, and release Iranians detained for exercising their rights.

NIAC supports the joint statement and commends the Obama Administration for standing up for universal rights as part of its productive approach to the events in Iran following the disputed elections. NIAC has consistently encouraged the Obama Administration to speak out forcefully about the Iranian people’s universal human rights and to continue its commitment to holding Iran’s rulers accountable to their human rights obligations in the eyes of the world. NIAC has also urged the Administration to call for a special session of the United Nations Human Rights Council concerning the Iranian human rights crisis.

The joint US-EU statement is below:

Joint Statement by The European Union and The United States Calling On The Iranian Government To Fulfill Its Human Rights Obligations

The United States and the European Union condemn the continuing human rights violations in Iran since the June 12 election. The large scale detentions and mass trials, the threatened execution of protestors, the intimidation of family members of those detained and the continuing denial to its citizens of the right to peaceful expression are contrary to human rights norms.

Our concerns are based on our commitment to universal respect for human rights. We are particularly concerned by the potential for further violence and repression during the coming days, especially around the anniversary of the Islamic Republic’s founding on 11 February. We call on the Government of Iran to live up to its international human rights obligations, to end its abuses against its own people, to hold accountable those who have committed the abuses and to release those who are exercising their rights.




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