March 5, 2009

BREAKING: Kyl Amendment fails

The Senate a moment ago voted to reject the Kyl Amendment to the omnibus appropriations bill by a vote of 41-53.
The amendment would have withheld US Government funds from any companies “having a business presence in Iran’s energy sector, including Iran’s refineries, refined petroleum products, and oil and natural gas fields.”
Foreign Relations Chair John Kerry (D-MA) spoke passionately in opposition to the amendment, explaining how his committee has spent the last three days discussing Iran and that this amendment “contradicts the idea of approaching Iran policy in a thoughtful way.”  Ouch.
He also made the seemingly apt observation that a vote for this bill is basically a vote against the omnibus, and given the state of our economy it would be somewhat irresponsible to let the federal government run out of money.  (After all, who would be left to bail out AIG?)

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