From Iranbaan:

Head of the judiciary’s order to follow up on Karoubi’s letter regarding prisoner abuse. http://tinyurl.com/p3sujk
Karoubi: Mr. Rafsanjani has forwarded the letter to Mr. Shahroudi who has ordered a follow up. #iranelection
Karoubi: Shahroudi has asked the prosecutor general to contact me & send people to take my points to authorities. #iranelection
Karoubi: How can they say these things in a society with serial murders where ppl are murdered & left on streets? #iranelection
Karoubi: I’ve heard people were being naked in Kahrizak, sat on & asked to make animal noises. #iranelection
Karoubi: Someone them were stripped, stacked upon each other & hosed off. #iranelection
Karoubi: I’ve even heard while they were torturing people they forced them to call their mothers !@#!$. #iranelection
Karoubi: Our people live in a society where Dr. Bani Yaghoub is taken for contacting people & her body is returned. #iranelection
Karoubi: A young person is attacked with batons for chanting & they are so harsh that some of them die. #iranelection
Karoubi: These swearings & criticisms will never force me to silence. I’ve heard these things for 20 years. #iranelectio
Karoubi: Some lords of the press talk such that Gabriel the angel reports for them. #iranelection

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