Parleman – A leading Iranian cleric, Hojatoleslam Seyyed Mehdi Tabatabai “unexpectedly” and in an unprecedented move criticized Ahmadinejad on state TV for his behavior after the election.
During a popular TV program, Tabatabai said Ahmadinejad’s behavior contradicted Prophet Mohammad’s exemplary behavior when he invited the Muslims to chant “today is the day of kindness” instead of “today is the day of revenge” after he conquered Mecca.
Tabatabai said, “I believe if the President had invited people to kindness in his speech a week after the election, many of these troubles would not have happened.”
“Unfortunately, the President mocked the protesters, his opposition and [the descendents of the Prophet Mohammad] in front of his supporters and if he had not done this many of these troubles would not have happened.”
To see the video of Tabatabai, click here.

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