Khabar Online is reporting that the Supreme Leader is placing further pressure on MPs to validate the entire Cabinet (h/t New York Times):

With the publication of news from Majles Representatives based on the announcement from the Supreme Leader that he prefers a positive vote for all proposed Ministers, it is predicted that all 21 ministers will win votes of confidence.
It is said that the Speaker of Majles (Ali Larijani) informed the Representatives of Majles about the Supreme Leader’s desire to have all Cabinet nominees approved.
If this news is accurate, considering that the Majles unanimously accepts the Supreme Leader’s rule, Khabar Online believes it’s worhty of prediction that all of Ahmadinejad’s suggested ministers will win votes of confidence.
In a public meeting in Majles today this morning, conservatives Ali Mottahari and Gholamreza Mesbahi-Moghaddam emphasized that the conversations that have been brought up about the Supreme Leader’s personal viewpoint about the need to give votes of confidence to all Ministers  must be documented.

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