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July 21, 2009

Rep. McCotter to Khamenei “You are doomed by your own hands.”

Yesterday, Representative McCotter (R-MI) spoke out strongly against the Iranian governments use of the violence against women. He told the story of Taraneh, who died after being raped and tortured in an Iranian prison. McCotter made bold statements by predicting the fall of the current government under the hands of Supreme Leader Khamenei.

Here is the truth about Ayatollah Khamenei his misogynistic and murderous regime- You’re referendum has held and you have failed your test. Taraneh and Neda condemn you as the despicable killers of women. You have no legitimacy either in the eyes or the eyes of the civilized world. You are doomed by your own hands. And it is but a matter of time before your regime clashes and the Iranian people breathe free.

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