According to Mowj Camp, the brother of Zahra Rahnavard (Mousavi’s wife), has been arrested for over a month.  Mousavi’s family, however, made an “ethical decision” to keep this a secret until the conservative Javan Newspaper revealed this news today.
“Mousavi’s family did not announce this news because they did not want Mousavi’s positions regarding the detainees to be considered personal or the families of other detainees to think Mousavi is more concerned about his own relatives…”
Mousavi and his wife met with some of the families of detainees yesterday.  In that meeting, some families became “extremely restless” and Zahra Rahnavard tried to “comfort” them by revealing her own secret and said “she understands their pain.”  She requested this news to be kept confidential.
However, Javan Newspaper, which belongs to the Sepah (IRGC), revealed this secret today and accused Rahnavard’s brother of “leading the unrest.”

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