Islamic Revolution Documents Center (IRDC) has made new accusations against Shapour Kazemi, Mousavi’s bother-in-law who was arrested more than a month ago.
On its website, IRDC accuses Kazemi of “participating in riots” and “burning down seven motorcycles in Tehran’s Vanak Sq.”  According to IRDC, Kazemi was accompanied by his “lover” who was imprisoned for eight years for “terrorist activities” as a MEK  member.  Alcoholic beverages and “instruments of debauchery” were reportedly found at the house Kazemi shared with his “lover.”
According to IRDC, Kazemi and his “lover” have “confessed” that they were involved in “provoking” Mousavi to go to the extremes after the election.  Kazemi is also accused of being in contact with the U.S. intelligence agencies.
Islamic Revolution Documents Center is a research institute created to find and gather information on the history of Islamic Revolution.  The head of IRDC is Ruhollah Hosseinian, who defended the main suspect in Iran’s chain murders of intellectuals.

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