Mousavi’s facebook page has dedicated this poem to everyone called “dust and dirt,” a controversial remark made by Ahmadinejad after the disputed presidential election.

“O’weary traveler waiver not and carry on through this stormy night,
Your silent sobs must be heard and become the war cries of this noble fight,
O’weather-beaten countryman you are our battle’s emblem,
O’hands that clench in anger, raise up your fists in fury,
O’[in]heritor of this land and soil, claim this country–your birthright,
To leave your homes is a trifle, you must be willing to leave this earth in this fight,
Should the enemy rain fire down upon your heads–fear not,
And even if they attack with spears and swords,
Do not cower, but instead offer them your heart,
This dust and dirt, this land, belonged to your father’s fathers–it has been stolen from you,
Sons of your fathers–claim what rightfully belongs to you,
Break down these walls built up by fear and sorrow,
You’ve walked this far to your tomorrow,
Now shape your destiny,
Let your voices be multiplied, for the time to be heard is now,
With each new breath, renew your will to fight,
Freedom fighter of Iran-the world is waiting with bated breath,
This proud and ancient land has fallen into the wrong hands–take notice,
These weeds can be removed with one flame,
This darkness of night that looms overhead, you are the dawn of light that can put its blackness asunder.”

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