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Mousavi’s 12 Announcement (h/t and translation exclusive to New York Times):

In the Name of God
The news of the arrest of dear brothers Dr. Seyyed Alireza Beheshti and Engineer Morteza Alviri, officials of the committee for following up the conditions of the post-election prisioners, and Sardar Moghaddam, from the committee of “sacrificers” for Mousavi’s electoral campaign, has created a wave of surprise and confusion amongst lovers of the Islamic System. They have been pushed to the limit in that they committed no crime except following the the path of the Revolution, defending justice in regard to the innocent blood that has been spilled, and helping the families of the innocents who were arrested after the election. Alas, they are now in prison, while those who orchestrated the recent catastrophes are free, and officials claim that they will definitely address the crimes that have been revealed. Do you think that by taking out of existence the documentation of these crimes, and arresting those who committed themselves to the rights of the victims, they will be able to address these crimes?
“One is kept in one’s son”. People’s dignity is preserved through their children. The people ask those who now claim to be the vanguard of the Islamic Revolution, in what way did you observe respect for the family of Martyr of the Revolution Ayatollah Beheshti?
People of Iran!
It is completely obvious that your attempts to return peace to our society will not be met with a wise, understanding response. Momentous days lie ahead of us. The arrest of individuals like Alireza Beheshti is a sign of the formidable events to come.  But they can be overcome, and what will remain is that which profits the Iranian people!
I give my condolences – especially for the dignity that has been stolen from Dr. Beheshti – to the children of that great Martyr, all students and followers and friends of him, and all lovers of the Islamic Revolution and Islam. And I hope to God that the legion that this action has created in the heart of the Iranian people will be cured, by rendering immortal the honor of this great family.
Mir Hossein Mousvi

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