According to BBC Persian, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps issued a blanket warning last night regarding International Qods Day, which is today:

Our intelligence sources have indicated that certain groups directly linked to the intelligence service of the Zionist regime are planning to hijack the people’s movement against the regime occupying Qods.

They warned those defeated in the recent presidential elections to avoid bringing any disruptive signs and flags such as those bearing the color green or otherwise face “very serious consequences”. Anyone failing to heed this warning would risk intentionally or unintentionally being the “mercenary of the Zionist regime.”
In his Friday September 11, 2009 sermon Ayatollah Khamenei also warned the opposition about questioning the legitimacy of the Ahmadinejad government. These warnings, in addition to the replacement of Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani after 30 years as Friday prayer leader on Qods Day by the extremist Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami underscore the seriousness with which the regime views the threat the opposition poses.
The determination of the opposition to make its stand and the equal determination of the regime in confronting it raises for many analysts, the fear of a “Black Friday” with further violence and bloodshed.

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