July 31, 2009

Iran Radio: “Shajarian’s music will never be played on radio again”

According to BBC Persian, Mohammad Hossein Sofi the deputy head of Iran’s state radio (seda) indicated yesterday that the musical works of prominent and world renowned Iranian singer/musician Mohammad Reza Shajarian will never be played on the radio again.
This has been deemed to be the reaction to Shajarian’s requested that his music not be played in the past month. Sofi has gone as far as indicating that “Shajarian’s music will not even be played during the Holy month of Ramadan”.
This follows up on NIAC’s live-blogging report from June 17, in which we quoted Shajarian in an interview with BBC Persian:

“Don’t broadcast my voice on Seda va Sima ever again: my voice is like ‘dust and dirt,’ and it will forever remain ‘dust and dirt!’”

Shajarian has been protesting the use of his music by the state media since the presidential elections. He has applied for legal proceedings against the state controlled media (Seda Sima). According to his lawyer, Shajarian’s works have been used to highlight the government and this was done without the permission of Shajarian.

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