It appears that even some of the most conservative members of Iran’s parliament are complaining about the way investigations are being carried out into the matter of sexual abuse and torture of post-election prisoners. This first-hand account just in from conservative news site Parleman News (h/t New York Times):

A senior Principlist  MP said on conditions that his name would not be revealed, declared that the members of the Special Committee lack objectivity in addressing the issues of the prisoners, and said, “Some time ago, a family of one of the prisoners contacted me and informed me of the sexual harassment of their son in prison.”
“After hearing the declarations of this household, I connected them to one of the members of this committee, so that their problems would be addressed and the completed reports would be reviewed for them.”
“A few days later, the aforementioned Representative contacted me and said that this household had given interviews to foreign radio stations and do not have any documentation.”
“I organized a meeting with that family and I asked them, ‘did you give an interview with foreign radio?’ And this family stressed that they gave no form of interview with any sort of domestic or foreign publication or radio and from the day that they met this Representative, their problems had only increased.”
The MP concluded his message saying that this member of the Special Committee, after these events, gave an interview to one of the news services denying that any form of sexual abuse/harassment had occurred in the prisons and specifically denying this family’s claims. This MP said, “From that time, I personally have become doubtful about some of the members of the Special Committtee and I feel that some of them are connected to various people and apparatuses and their declarations are not worthy of belief.”

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